Please join us Friday, April 12th as we celebrate the cherished lives of all the people George R.R. Martin has taken from us far too soon. We'll go everywhere from the Top of the Wall to the forests of Winterfell with a menu as only Tartine Bistro can prepare, and beers that Sandor Clegane would fight his brother to get into his belly. Our little birds have told us that the weekend of the twelfth would be an appropriate time to host this dinner that has had us chomping at the bit for quite some time.


Amuse Bouche: The Red Keep

red rose romaine, tomato, fleur de sel, balsamic

One: The Red Wedding…Soup

veal, fregola sarda, vin rouge, bouillon

Two: King Robert & the Worst Replacement

wild boar, purple potato, crème au poivre, arugula

Three: Colonel Sandor’s Chicken

roasted chicken, bell peppers, spanish onion, wild rice

Intermezzo: Dragon & the Bastard

serrano pepper, white chocolate, disaronno

Four: G.O.T. Cassoulet

braised game, offal, tubers, bouillon

Five: The Night King

coconut, sponge cake, blueberry

Unfortunately, we didn't receive our shipment of Dornish reds in time for this dinner. Instead, we'll be offering all of Brewery Ommegang's limited edition GoT beers that we've been collecting since their initial release, as well as two specialty cocktails prepared by the Grand Maester of our Bar Program.

Beverage of Blackwater

deaths door gin, green chartreuse, luxardo, lime, activated charcoal

Hand of the Queen

barleywine ale

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms

blend of sour and blonde ales

For the Throne

strong golden ale fermented with pinot grigio and viognier grape juice

Mother of Dragons

smoked porter and kriek ale blend

King in the North

barrel-aged imperial stout

Milk of the Poppy

lucid absinthe, orgeat, half & half, egg white


Price is $85* per person ($65 per person without Pairings).

Seats are limited, so call and make your reservations today!

Dinner served promptly at 7:00

Please feel free to join us earlier for ale and wine


*tax and gratuity not included