Ireland has always been a country that we romanticize. Something about the accent, the paperboy hat, the labor, the fighting, and of course, the whiskey. Made from the crystal clear streams traversing the Irish countryside, creating a landscape unparalleled. Though beautiful on the surface, she lacked proper nutrients below it. Leaving early farmers scratching their heads as to what they would be able to harvest. Alas, the versatile potato, in all its starch laden glory, provided exactly what the farmers needed in both sustenance and recreation. The country would see many more countless years of turmoil and famine, the Irish would still always find pleasure in a good song, a beautiful girl and a bottle of that delectable Irish Whiskey. Please join us Thursday, March 21st as we sample an assortment of Ireland’s finest spirits and cuisine. Sláinte!


Amuse Bouche: Toast to the Irish

spring pea, lemon, radish

One: The First Harvest

potato, apple mustarda, chive tips

Two: A Solid Soup

leek, roasted garlic, potato, tomato

Three: Whiskey in the Char

arctic char, brussels sprouts, whiskey braised apple, bacon

Intermezzo: Johnny Get Down

apple, whiskey, cider, pear

Four: The Last Harvest

gnocchi, corned beef, almond, fig

Five: Berry Me with a Pint

guinness ice cream, blackberry bread pudding, whiskey infused honey


Price is $95* per person ($75 per person without Pairings).

We will be offering whiskey and cider with this dinner, but wine pairings are available if desired.

Seats are limited, so call and make your reservations today!

Dinner served promptly at 7:00

Please feel free to join us earlier for cocktails


*tax and gratuity not included