On Monday March 19th, we're taking the trip to South America for our Argentinian Wine Dinner. Known primarily for bold and fruity Malbecs, we're going to be enjoying everything the region has to offer.


Amuse Bouche

soybean, apple, sweet corn

Three of the main produce exports of Argentina, my goal with this dish is to not only welcome you and awaken your palate, but also to introduce you to the pure and unmatched beauty that grows throughout this prodigious country. 

Potata Versátil

Experience the incredible versatility of the everyday potato. An under appreciated work horse of the culinary world and a product that was first cultivated in South America. 

Pizza a la Parrila

provoleta, salsa verde, burnt tomato

Grilling is one of Argentina's most revered methods of cooking. The Italian influence in both food and culture, I feel, is best represented by throwing a couple pies on the fire and allowing the food to speak for itself. 


lamb, apple, edamame, bacon

Curanto is a cooking method that dates back as far as 11,000 years! With this method, a hole was dug into the Earth. We filled this hole with fire, stones from the Chagrin River and then more fire. Once the flames depleted and the stones were extremely hot, we placed a whole linen wrapped lamb in the pit. We then covered the animal with soil and let time and heat do the work. 


yerba mate sorbet, mint

Yerba Mate is a nationally loved beverage in Argentina. The caffeinated drink is served at social gathering as well as being consumed daily for a quick pick-me-up. 

Bife de Chancho

filet mignon, prosciutto, sweet potato, sage

Similar to the Italian dish saltimbocca, this course is an homage to the Argentinian affinity for beef and pork, as well as the Italian influence on the region. 


preserved peach, dulce de leche, crème fraîche

This dish could be the second cousin of the mille-feuille, the classic French dessert. A slightly more "country" version, yet still just as satisfying on the palate. 


Price is $105* per person. Seats are limited, so call and make your reservations today!

Dinner served promptly at 7:00

Please feel free to join us earlier for cocktails


*tax and gratuity are not included