The French culinary influence on the Vietnamese culture dates back to the 17th century.

Characteristic of Vietnamese cuisine is the attention to incorporating the five taste elements to each dish: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami.

French cuisine is characterized by innovative flavors and elegant presentation and the convergence of these distinctive cultures creates a gastronomic experience filled with a beautiful range of flavors and color.

Our five course French Vietnamese dinner promises to be one to remember. Chef Michael Grieve has prepared each dish with the authenticity and attention to detail that is so widely celebrated by each culture.

We invite you to savor our French Vietnamese-inspired menu:

Amuse bouche

Melon-citrus-crystallized habanero

Course #1 

French Onion "Pho"- charred ginger-fennel-onion-cinnamon-smoked brisket

Course #2

Shrimp Summer Rolls-cucumber-kohlrabi-morning glory-xo vinaigrette 

Course #3

Deconstructed Banh Mi-pork belly-pickled vegetables-kimchi-orange chicken pate-baguette


Baobing (shaved ice)-lemon-cilantro-rice wine 

Course #4

"Tongue in Cheek"-braised beef tongue and cheeks-lemon grass rice cakes-daikon-bok choy-lime leaf pistou

Course #5

Banh Su Kem (cream puffs)-puff pastry-honey and coconut creme fouetté w/ Ca Phe Trung (Vietnamese coffee) 

Bill Barefoot from Grand Cru Wines will also provide a variety of wines that will artfully complement the uniqueness of each course.

Plated dinner begins at 7:00pm. Space is limited, cost is $65 per person.

Call 440-331-0800 and make your reservations today!