Wines provided by our friends at Grand Cru Wine Company.

Wines provided by our friends at Grand Cru Wine Company.

I decided to do our fall harvest wine dinner completely vegetarian for two reasons. First, I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if my team and I could create a menu that not only highlighted the fantastic produce of the fall but also intrigued the carnivorous palates of northeast Ohio, to include my own. Second, I wanted something different. I’m always trying to keep things “fresh” in the kitchen and what better way to do so then by having a wine dinner using only locally sourced produce? I hope you will join us on Monday, November 7th for this Fall Harvest wine dinner, thank you.
— Chef Michael

Fall Harvest Wine Dinner Menu



The upfront astringent flavor profile of cauliflower combined with the sweetness of apples and the salty Parmesan make for the perfect balance of flavors and the perfect way to start off this wine dinner.

Course 1

Squash-arugula-almonds-English brown butter 

To maintain the natural beauty and flavor of butternut squash, I’m keeping it simple with this one. The squash is roasted to perfection and served with lightly dressed arugula and toasted almonds. The english version of brown butter used with this dish has a wonderful caramel flavor from the browning of the milk solids in the cream. This dish is the essence of Fall. 

Course 2

Brussels sprouts-celery root-smoked blue cheese-preserved lemon

Brussels sprouts are at their best this time of year. This light second course is served with a warm celery root puree, smoked bleu cheese and a preserved lemon vinaigrette. The lemon helps to balance the sweetness of the celery root puree and really bring this bright dish together.

Course 3

Beets-red and gold ricotta gnocchi-fennel-coriander-pears-beet greens-honey mint crema

Beets are one of my favorites. For the third course we’re serving housemade ricotta gnocchi with some intense beets being pureed and added right into the dough, providing both color and flavor. Toasting the coriander adds a bit of smokiness to this otherwise sweet and vibrant dish. The honey and mint crema acts as a sweet medium for the somewhat bitter beet greens. 


Warm Ohio cider-Tullamore DEW whiskey-crystallized apple cinnamon

A personal favorite of mine! Any time of year. We take a little break and let the first courses settle while we sip on some classic Irish Whiskey with warm cider from Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland, Ohio. 

Course 4

Cabbage-wild rice-bell peppers-toasted caraway seed-spinach-chèvre-parsnip purée 

Stuffed cabbage is a dish close to my heart. It reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking. Keeping this a vegetables only party we’re serving different types of cabbage stuffed with wild rice roasted bell peppers, spinach and chèvre. All that rich flavor is accompanied by a parsnip puree and finished with a sprinkle of toasted caraway seed dust.  

Course 5

Apple pie apple-local apples-vanilla-puff pastry-cinnamon ice cream-home made pralines

Apple pie apple! That is not a typo. To finish the night right we’re serving some homemade apple pie, or our twist on it anyway. Just a little different. The pie “shell” is a hollowed apple, stuffed with a housemade classic apple pie filling with notes of vanilla and citrus then wrapped in puff pastry. The topping is an almond praline crumble.  A cannelle of house made cinnamon ice cream completes the dish.

Plated dinner begins at 7:00pm. Cost is $55 per guest, space is limited! Call 440-331-0800 to make your reservation.

A credit card is required to secure your reservation for this event. Cancellations within 72 hours of the event will be charged 50% of the total reservation.