You are invited to a Provence-inspired wine dinner on Monday, August 24

Inspired by this historical region in France, our dinner and wine pairing is sure to reflect the elegance, impeccable wines, and cuisine found in Provence. Guests will savor fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, while enjoying the finest selection of wines produced from this area.

Located in southeastern France, Provence is known to produce some of the best food and wine found in all of France, including their renowned rosé. Nestled in a picturesque setting where it is bordered by the Italian Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Provence offers views that are unrivaled.

Featured in Provence Food and Wine, the Art of Living, “Provence offers a cuisine that emphasizes healthful ingredients like olive oil, garlic, fresh vegetables, and bountiful Mediterranean seafood.”

We look forward to providing our guests with an epicurean dining experience befitting a bounty in Provence. The cost is $60 per guest and the plated dinner begins at 7:00pm.

Space is limited, call 440-331-0800 and make your reservations today!