Pizza, toasted French-bread sandwiches and main dishes with a European flair keep this cafe humming in this strolling corner of the city.

French restaurants are hard to find these days. Tartine is just a little bit French, and in some good ways. Slow-roasted meats such as pork, duck and beef provide luxurious toppings for the tartine, a toasted French-bread sandwich that dominates the menu. We recommend the beef brisket, accented with horseradish aioli and a touch of caramelized onion and cheddar. Two thumbs up for a beet salad with honey vinaigrette, which convinced us that even the best sweet root vegetable can benefit from a gift from the bees. And the goat-cheese-stuffed dates, served hot with a sprinkling of perfectly cooked bacon dice, had us smiling. Cream is rampant. The recommended antidote is a fine glass of red wine, which is selected well here. The menu also includes pizza, steak and chicken, all served in a small, rustic room with a large amount of charm.

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